Secondary Curriculum : Sec 1 - Sec 4

Singapore School Kinderland focuses on the holistic learning approach with constructive curriculum for the development of the students.


Secondary 1- Secondary 4  focus on preparing students for CIE O Level.

During this time the students enhance upon their knowledge of the curricular subjects pursued in the primary years and take more enhanced learning initiatives in the classroom.

Here, the students focus and follow through the model of Cambridge Assessment International Education (CIE) which allows them to pursue their  learning curiosities in each subject further and prepare them for the Cambridge International O and A level programmes.

The Secondary Years encourages the development of more advanced and independent learning opportunities which creates a strong platform for pursuing the next levels of education.

The students in this programme guide their juniors, set example and take more of the leadership stances through participating in school events and activities along with their regular pursue of the curricular and co-curricular subjects.

Subjects Offered:

English Language ,English Literature , Bangla Language, Bangla Literature,, Mathematics , Additional Mathematics, Bangladesh Studies, General  Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Economics, Principles of Accounts ,Business Studies, Environmental  Management, Computing, Art, Music.

During the school year several Field Trips are conducted to complement the Curriculum.


Classroom observation :

Class Tests

Continual Assessments 1 & 2

Semestral Assessments 1 & 2

Progress Report Books

(Classroom and home assignments)

(Every two weeks end of each topic)

(End of 1st and 3rd Term)

(End of 2nd and 4th Term)

(Provided End of each Term)

Assessments in Secondary 1-4 are also  based on ongoing Course Work, Class Tests and Assignments in each term.

Performances in Sports, Swimming and Co-Curricular activities are also assessed regularly.

Students are assessed by grades.








O-Level Program

‘O’ Level program encourages students to engage, invent, manage and complete equipping them for eventual success in the public examination under Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CIE). The school challenges its pupils to be intellectually inquisitive and socially conscious.

Mock1 and 2 Exams are conducted soon after Term 2.

Below is a complete list of ‘O’ Level subjects offered by the school.

  • Principles of Accounts
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Visual Art
  • Bangladesh Studies
  • Bangla
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • English Language
  • Environmental Management
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

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