Personal and Holistic Education: Reflection and Realization

Focusing on individual traits students are approached with goals of development not just in academics but for those in talent, health, character and personality traits as a citizen and a whole person.

Nutrition, Health and Counseling:  Learning to Take Care of Oneself

A unique feature of the school is specialized monitored nutrition programme for students through its regular routine plans for meals and snacks. To ensure successful learning the school provides the facilities of both physical and metal nurturing through proper approaches by specialists and trainers.

One-on-one and specialized counseling of students by teachers and trainers is done through regular conversation with the children. Practices of mindfulness and ethics are practiced through the daily approaches of lessons and in overall curriculum.

Collaboration of parents and educators are always expected to bring the best solutions and outcomes for our students.

Co-Curricular and After School Programme: When There are More to Enjoy Learning

Singapore School Kinderland  offers  a number of After School Programmes such as drama, ballet, classical and contemporary dance, recitation, violin and flute, Krav Maga etc. The programmes aim to provide an optional opportunity for the young learners to develop their talents and pick up new interests for self-enhancement and skill building

Social Learning, Connection, Awareness and Actions:   

  • Being a Global Citizen

Building social awareness and communication about different national and global  incidents and events is an integral part of Holistic Learning.

The school offers colaborate programmes and on-campus rallies by students for awareness in the burning subjects as Drug abuse and Carbon Footprint for climate changes.

  • Building Experiences

Camping and taking part in off-campus learnings through day long reading programmes in collaboration with Bengal Boi has been two of many such initiatives. SSK and Singapore International is vigilante and seeks out opportunities for its students to gain lifelong experiences and embedded awareness that can play a key role in building integrity and discovering their individual self.

Skill development and leadership Opportunities:  Exploring Oneself  Globally 

Leadership building opportunities allow children to communicate beyond their school borders, appreciate variety of opinions and explore their place in the world. Singapore School KInderland regularly incorporates contents in their planning’s to encourage the perspective. Students from the school  participate in the following programs and wishes to explore many more platforms.

  • Model United Nations: In order to develop their practical skills in global diplomacy, policy building and international relation management the school arranges for the logistics and training for its student to take part in different Model United Sessions.
  • Olympiads: Students of the school are evaluated to successfully take part in different subject  Olympiads. The school has provided the support in logistics and procedures throughout.

Analytical and experience-based Classrooms:   Questioning what is known  

Classes are not only textbook based but re-creating the text information through practical and hands-on experiments and activities. Analytical research, reasoning and critical thinking of each piece of knowledge through engaging classroom tools and resources are followed in the classrooms.

Visual and Performing Arts:  Weaving the Threads of Creative Expressions 

Through the practice of various Visual and Performing Arts such as Drama Music, Dance, students enhance their creativity while working upon their comprehensive capabilities to choose or innovate their medium of expressions. The school provides a number of programs for the students to explore their talents and work upon their fine motor skills.