Expectation from Parents (Primary/Secondary)

Dear Parents,
Welcome to the Academic Year 2020-21. Thank you for attending the Orientation Meeting on
Zoom. We are eagerly waiting for the students to join the classes from tomorrow, Sunday 16
August, 2020.
As we always say that the parents are also stakeholders of their child’s education, we expect the
parents to kindly take up some responsibilities and monitor their chiild’s Online Class activities
Please find below the assistance that is required from the parents to make the Distance Learning
effective for our students.

  1. Please make sure you go through every notice and every email that is sent to your child,
    thoroughly. Please check Classtune everyday for the update of daily Online Class
  2. Please download your child’s Online Class Schedule and keep it handy.
  3. Please make sure that your child is ready for the classes at least half an hour early and
    he/she attends every class in school uniform.
  4. Please make sure your child joins the class at least 2-3 minutes early and waits for the
    teacher to admit them on time.
  5. Please make sure your child’s laptop or gadget is in working condition, fully charged and
    connected to an adapter.
  6. Please make sure your child’s gadget is set on a table and your child sits at a table,
    focusing the camera on the face while attending the classes.
  7. Please choose a quiet spot for your child away from any kind of distraction.
  8. It is suggested that your child uses headphones in order to have maximum attention and
  9. Please make sure your child is using a laptop while attending IT class.
  10. Please make sure your child completes the day’s assignment every single day, after each
    class is over.
  11. Please help your child send the due assignment by 6pm every day, attaching all of the
    day’s assignment in one single new email.
  12. The feedback of the week long assignments will be sent to your child every Thursday
    evening. Please make sure your child does all the correction in their
    copies/books/worksheets on the weekend.
  13. Please do not reply the email if it is sent to a group. Please compose a new email instead.
  14. Please do not let your child attempt to change the password of their email created by the
    teachers. That way the email might be blocked by gmail. Also your child’s email
    activities are monitored by the teachers. (P4 parents are requested to send the email
    password of their child to the homeroom id in this regard.)
  15. Please monitor your child’s online activities closely whenever they are working in their
    laptop, while attending the class or while doing their assignment. If possible make them
    sit at a place where you can monitor the screen.
  16. Please do not be visible on the screen or try to communicate with the teacher during a
    class since it is only for teacher student interaction. Please email the teacher instead for
    any queries or clarification.
  17. Please make sure your child does not do any advance work in the book.
  18. Please ensure two different gadgets for siblings having to attend classes at the same time.
    This pandemic has changed our way of life and made us realize that we are fully capable of
    adapting to the changes. It is still teaching us a bit more every day and we have no clue what
    more is there in the future. Hence, let us work together to make the most of whatever we have in
    our hands. Together we will definitely achieve, if not 100% but as much possible closer to that.
    Once again, your active cooperation at every step is highly appreciated.
    Stay safe everyone!
    -Kanta Saadat
    Director Operations
    Singapore School Kinderland
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