IMPORTANT Notice for Parents

Dear Parents, 

This is a reminder to you all that you MUST NOT BE SEEN on the SCREEN while the virtual classes go on. 

Despite our constant reminder it is seen that parents are still seen on screen. Please remember that when we are at home, we mostly are not in APPROPRIATE ATTIRE. Hence it is very embarrassing for your child and also for the whole class  including the teachers to see you in such condition. 

Please make sure your child is sitting in a place facing in such direction that no one can be seen while passing by. If you cannot avoid it, YOU ARE REQUESTED TO BE IN APPROPRIATE CLOTHING so that it does not create embarrassment for others. 

Some parents still talk to their child while the class go on.  Please DO NOT TALK to your child during the class. Please understand that this creates distraction. 

Thank you for your kind understanding. 

I would also like to thank the Parents who maintain all the guidelines properly. We  very much appreciate your effort and cooperation. 

Best Regards, 

Kanta Saadat 

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