Online Trial Class Schedule for Primary and Secondary

 Dear Parents, 

The Primary and Secondary Teachers are ready to join the Online Trial Classes with the students using Zoom as the platform on Wednesday 01/04/2020  and Thursday 02/04/2020 since we are beginning the Online Classes from Sunday 05/04/2020 onward. 

Hope everyone has joined Zoom with the ID that is being used to receving and submitting homework. 

An invitation link to join the meeting will be emailed to you in your account. Just click on the link and follow instruction and you will be connected.

If you are unable to connect please email to the class account from your child’s ID along with your phone number. Our IT unit will contact you to give assistance. 

Please find below the schedule to join the Trial Zoom Class for your child. 

Wednesday 01/04/2020                                                 Thursday 02/04/2020

10:00am sharp – Secondary 1                                       10:00 am sharp – Secondary 2 

10:50 am sharp – Primary 1                                          10:50 am sharp – Primary 3 

11:40 am sharp – Primary 2                                           11:40 am sharp- Primary 4  

12:30 pm sharp – Secondary 3                                       12:30 am sharp – Primary 6

1:20 pm sharp – Primary 5 

You will be advised on the Online Class Schedule for next week shortly. 

Those of you who have not responded to your homeroom account from your given ID, and for P4 students, who have not created an ID and have not emailed to your homeroom account, please do it asap. 

Please scroll down the previous notices to find the notice that provides you with the email ID and password. 

Parents, just a request, please bare with the hiccups we might face, since this platform is completely new to the teachers and to us all. For this reason we require your full cooperation and consideration. Together we achieve and I’m sure with all our effort we will overcome all the hurdles. 

Wash Hands. Stay Clean. Stay Home. Stay Safe.  

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