P1-P4 SA2 Schedule and Syllabus with Instruction

Dear Parents,

Please find the following instructions that has been discussed at the PTM regarding Semestral Assessment 2 (SA2).

Please download the SA2 Schedule and Syllabus attached and highlight your child’s Assessment Time and Syllabus.

Individual Class Schedule and Syllabus have already been emailed to students. This is for your kind perusal please.

Instructions for the students: (Parents’ assistance  required):

-Students will get the Online Test Paper as per the Schedule in their individual email 4/5min early.

-Students must join 2 min earlier than the joining time and choose a quiet place to take the Test in front of the camera. 

-The focus of the camera should be on the student and  the script while the test is going on so that the teacher has a clear view of the test conducting spot.

-Students must not have any books or gadgets around them while taking the Test.

-Please ensure that the students should have papers with margin ready beforehand for the online test

– All pages of the the answer scripts should have student’s name, subject’s name and the page number on top of the page.

-Students must have 2/3 extra sharpened pencils with them just in case. 

-Students must complete the Test on their own, without any help or assistance from anyone.

-Students must complete the Test within the given time in the question paper.

-Students must scan using cam scanner and submit the Test paper by emailing it within the the zoom session.(cam scanner can be downloaded on any smartphone/iphone from Play store/ App store)

-The paper is divided into two sessions. There will be 20 minutes recess between the sessions. The second session will also run exactly the same as the first one. 

-Please note that this is going to be a simple paper. Students are advised not to panic and just review what is given in the syllabus

– Please download the schedule and syllabus and save it.

Please remember the teacher trusts the students on following all the above instructions thoroughly.

Singapore School Kinderland

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