The United Nations comprises all the nations of the world which shows us that all people from all parts of the world are equally important and have equal rights. Here’s to celebrating equality and wishing everybody a Happy United Nations Day! Our children represent different 

IT CLUB 2023

IT Club students of P1-P5 received certificates for their successful completion of Coding Course B

Kindergarten 1 Activities

Kindergarten 1 is engaged in counting quantities, writing number symbols, and matching quantities with written numbers during their Logical Thinking session. #singaporeschoolkinderland #SSK #growingconfidence

Presentation P1 to P4

#Throwback to a wonderful presentation by P1 to P4 students who displayed their knowledge in the subject of Computer Studies. #singaporeschoolkinderland#ReimagineSchool#SSK#PresentationSkills#computerscience

How do Preschoolers learn Coding?

How do Preschoolers learn Coding? In the most fun way possible for children of course! With toys! While every child plays with toys, coding may change the way in which children play. Using programmable toys like ‘BeeBot’, a robot toy that has four directional arrows 

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Wonderful Mothers

Mother’s Day is a day of significance to celebrate since it is a way to show love, appreciation, and recognition for a mother’s irreplaceable role in a family. Mother’s Day is another way to celebrate and strengthen bonds, foster emotional well-being, and promote a culture 

Independence Day 2023

SSK celebrates Independence Day with an Art competition and a small cultural performance by primary students. #singaporeschoolkinderland#ReimagineSchool#SSK#IndependenceDay2023

Celebration of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Birthday

In celebration of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Birthday, SSK students watch a documentary on his life and mission. Primary students from the Recitation Club recite a beautiful poem on the occasion of the Father of the Nation’s Birthday.

SSK Art Festival 2023

Art Festival 2023 | Art Exhibition x Workshop The final day of Art Festival week was festive as all our SSK students came together. Students participated in various Art workshops on different types of paintings, Rickshaw Art, Clay Station and Calligraphy. All of the wonderful 

Pre-School Art Festival 2023 | Classroom Activities

Art Festival 2023 | Classroom Activities The theme for this year’s Art Festival is “Every Child is an Artist”. We kick-started this year’s Art festival in the classroom with some hands on arts and crafts! #singaporeschoolkinderland#ReimagineSchool#SSK#ArtFestival2023