Singapore School Kinderland Summer School Teacher Profile – Kickboxing

Edward Francis Gomes is an Instructor of Tactical Krav Maga Bangladesh (branch of Tactical Krav Maga Intl.) since 2014. Having more than 16 years of martial arts experience in different martial arts styles including Boxing, Muay Thai and Jeet Kune Do, Edward has also extensively studied other forms of martial arts like Taekwondo, Wing Chun and Philipino Kali. He joined Tactical Krav Maga Intl. under the supervision of Khosru Parvez (Chief Instructor, TKM; Chief Instructor, Combat Gym) in 2011 and got certified as an instructor in 2014. He is also a combat fitness instructor at Combat Gym. Edward is a founding member of Icchetola (a concern of Bangladesh Film & Television Academy), which is an extracurricular school for children.

Instructor, Tactical Krav Maga Bangladesh (2014 – Present)
Unarmed Combat Instructor, Airport Armed Police Battalion Dhaka (2016 – present)
Combat Fitness Instructor, Combat Gym (2014 – Present)

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