Special Zoom Session ‘Learning How to Learn’ conducted by Arif Ahmed for the students of P4 to S3

Singapore School Kinderland has arranged another special Zoom Session ‘Learning How to Learn’ conducted by Arif Ahmed for the students of P4 to S3 tomorrow, Wednesday 13 January 2021 at 11am.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Flying? Teleportation? Strength? If you ask me: ‘I’d have the superpower to learn anything.’

Learning is when you adjust yourself to respond to any situation – resulting in an effective outcome.

In this session we will learn the journey of Learning and why being an “Enlightened Learner” is the most important behaviour of our lives to make the most of our present for future.

Human, Data & Design are the three dimensions Arif Ahmed works with. With a background in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Coaching & Human Resource, he configures relatable & applicable processes by looking into human needs and exercising his ability to diagnose & analyse data.

Arif worked across 5 continents on Education, Learning and Coaching.

He designed a 24 Weeks Virtual Coaching program accredited by The International Coach Federation working with Fortune 500s.

As a Creative Lead for The International Association of Coaching, he has designed the VOICE of Hope Magazine, embracing learning as our hope during COVID-2020.

Arif further works in Learning Experience Design for all ages to ensure the delivery of content in an Engaging and Relevant to the recipients need.

Arif recently featured in AI World Summit as a Panel Speaker discussing the Future of Education aligned with Human and Technology revolution.

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