SSK Update

Dear Parents    Covid 19: The demand of the Time! As we all know that we’re passing critical moments with Coronavirus pandemic! Bangladesh government has taken an appreciable and right step by keeping close all the educational institutions. We must intensify this ISOLATION measure!  Considering the current alarming situation, the teachers are asked to stay at home until further notice. Since all the resources are at school, we are working on quick solution to send homework asap. Meanwhile, what we need at this time is isolation of whole population. Gathering spreads this highly contagious virus! We urge you to keep our precious students at home and please do not let friends get together in order to keep them busy. We’re still at initial phase of the covid 19. Right now, We MUST STOP all our offices, shopping centres and other social gatherings except hospitals to contain this deadly virus! It’s just like fire in a house! If you can’t control the fire at the beginning, it will engulf the whole house! Government alone can’t do everything. Support and cooperation of all citizens are essential at this critical moment! We have to behave sensibly, AVOIDING all non essential gatherings! May Almighty give us strength to take right step at the right moment! May we all stay safe and  protected… Regards,  SSK Management

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