Singapore School Kinderland Summer School Teacher Profile – Arts and Crafts

Ms. Tanzia Islam Khan is an oriental artist graduating from the most prestigious Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka University. She has over 28 years of experience in teaching at various reputed schools including the Australian International School, European Standard School, London Grace International School, Kite Academy and Zia’s Art Gallery among many others.

Currently, she is working as the Head of the Bangla Department for the middle school at Sir John Wilson School, Dhaka. She finished her earlier schooling at Holy Cross School and College and over the years during her career path, she gained several trainings including IB MYP and DP certification as Visual Arts Teacher.

Her teaching method is very versatile and she strongly believes that learning is a life-long procedure. She is very passionate about teaching and is deeply devoted to her profession. Being a mother of two, she is very caring and has admirable communication skills.

In her leisure times, she loves to read and she enjoys travelling around gathering newer experiences that she often integrates in her lessons. She is also passionate about drama, music, dance and recitation and have organized many cultural events at both national and international levels. She has been actively acting and directing the Jatra-Pala (folk-theatre) for over 19 years during the Mongol Shobhajatra celebrations held on the Bengali New Year at Charukola, Dhaka University.

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