Words from our teacher in Pandemic 2

In this 21st century never have we ever imagined that we would be hit by the worst pandemic which would leave the entire planet vulnerable under lock down. We might be confined within the walls of our houses, but this could not hinder the process of learning. Thanks to the advancement of technology which made learning and teaching easier and fun. Online classes have been a good exposure not only to the teachers and the students, but also to the parents who can now keenly observe the learning and progress of their child. I will be honest, the transition from the whiteboard of the classroom to the screen sharing of Zoom had not been easy. It was a great learning process and a grip over technology for me. Preparing and delivering lessons were challenging as I had to give my utmost effort towards my students’ learning so that they grab the knowledge and enjoy as much as they did in the classroom. Taking online classes has actually enhanced my knowledge on technology and methods of teaching and my confidence as a teacher.

Quazi Sanjana
Homeroom Teacher,
Secondary 2

Singapore School Kinderland

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