Words from our teacher in this Pandemic

As a primary school educator, I have learned a whole new skill set. Parents have taken a much bigger part in their child’s education. All of this is happening while everyone is carrying the weight of living in a pandemic. I feel, it is not a time to be hard on children and make their job difficult anyway, rather it is an arrangement to keep their learning process continued, and make them involved in something productive. I see my students and coworkers via Zoom every day.Happiness grabs me when children appear on Zoom with the same joyous smile and greet me. My students also have learned a new method to work from home and upgrading different skills. Homework and tests have continued. We all are learning working on time following instructions, even though being online.However, despite the teacher’s best efforts, it just is not close to the same.

Distance Learning does not approach similarly to physical involvements. Limitation is there, still we teachers are trying to give our best through an online platform. We all are working keeping a fear hidden- if someone among us fall sick, if some more trauma and difficulties get into us; still we work out of the same hope to come across all the difficulties and the sun to rise soon by the grace of Almighty.
Most importantly what motivates me to carry out my responsibilities – “I teach tiny minds, I’m a kind of a big deal.”

Sabrina Eva
Primary 2, Homeroom Teacher
Singapore School Kinderland

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