Programm & Academic Overview

Academic Overview

Kinderland Child- 5C


The CURIOUS Kinderland child has an active desire and eagerness to investigate, learn, and to know about his or her environment


The CREATIVE Kinderland child displays enjoyment and imagination in approaching new things and ideas


The CAPABLE Kinderland child shows ability, competence and skill in their undertaking of tasks


The CONFIDENT Kinderland child projects self-reliance and belief in their ability to do well and succeed


The CARING Kinderland child is conscientious, considerate and shows concern


Pre-Nursery (PN)             2.5 years – 3.5 years

Nursery (N) – 3.5 years   4.5  years

Kindergarten 1 (K1)         4.5 years – 5.5 years

Kindergarten 2 (K2)        5.5 years – 6.5 years


A multi-sensory, thematic approach that combines stories, art, phonics and language experience to bring meaning to the learning of the alphabet, reading and writing.

A meaningful and concrete way to acquire early Mathematical concepts through hands-on learning and common materials from the child’s environment.

Experiences in the wonderful world of science and discovery enable children to develop process inquiry-skills, e.g. exploring the world, acquiring right attitudes towards the environment, predicting, problem-solving and recording.

To develop Self-help Skills, Pro-Social Skills, Self–Confidence.

Development of gross & Fine motor skills and healthy habits

The Bangla curriculum is synchronized with the English curriculum to provide children with a more comprehensive learning structure.

Fun and effective ways of learning language other than English, through proven techniques such as songs, stories, drama, movement and penmanship exercises, as well as hands-on theme-related activities make learning Bangla fun and meaningful.

Kinderland Integrated Curriculum

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
People & Me Things & Me World & Me Nature & Me

Preschool (Kinderland)