Message from Principal: Kinderland

Welcome to Singapore School Kinderland,

Singapore School Kinderland: A Place Where Every Individual Treated Equally

Times are changing and so is our education. A student of the 21st century is not simply a student but individual-with multiple interests, responsibilities, and compassion. We need to recognize and appreciate the individuality of our students. Education is not about books and exams; it is the overall development of a student. Preschool is definitely an exciting time for children as this will be where they begin to explore, gain a sense of self, play with peers and build their confidence

Singapore School Kinderland is here to provide them with the necessary tools to support them in their journey and to create a strong foundation for growth in their respective futures. Our preschool programs are comprised of a rich early childhood development-appropriate curriculum from Singapore Kinderland Educare Services (KES).KES is a member of Crestar Education Group, a leading provider of quality infant care, bilingual kindergarten, and preschool education for children 2 months to 6 years of age. Our methods include inspiring children through art, music, logical games, and hands-on investigations.

 Each day, our Preschool staff work together as a team towards a common vision and goal. We are a research-based international institution and our teaching curriculum is always evolving to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of education to our students. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on the fact that your involvement is an integral part of our ethos. It also strengthens our community in a truly meaningful way.

17 years in this early childhood field has taught me that, every child has the potential to be the best. It is therefore the job of educators, to help them find and unleash it. As the Principal of Preschool, I promise to ensure that the school continues to provide a happy and safe environment for your children, whilst our teachers continue to create fun and exciting learning experiences for them. We have to remember that there is no perfect lesson, teacher, administrator, or school in education. There is always room for improvement. It took me a while to adopt this belief but it has probably impacted me the most.

Chase growth, not perfection.

Welcome once again.

Israt Jahan 

Principal Kinderland Dhaka