Events & Newsletter

1. Teachers training at HQ.

In keeping with our partnership, I am pleased to say that two of our teachers, Ms. Sadia and Ms. Airin successfully completed their training program in Singapore recently.

2. Receiving appreciation awards on the occasion of the 40th anniversary

This particular year has been special for SSK, as our partner, Kinderland, celebrates its 40th birthday. The partnership between SSK and Kinderland, Singapore, has been an invaluable asset and our shared ideologies of nurturing, enhancing, and embracing each child’s own potential to grow not only as an individual but as a global citizen of the world have formed a strong bond since 2005. I am pleased to say that we have received a partnership appreciation award from Kinderland, Singapore this year! The dedication of our parents, teachers, and management team has led to the success of this vision which is mirrored by the achievements of our students.