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Singapore School Kinderland

Singapore School Kinderland is an English Medium school located in Gulshan area of the Dhaka city that facilitates learning of students from Pre-school to Grade 12. Quality international standard education is ensured for students of both local and international residents here.

The Preschool, Kinderland, is a franchise of Kinderland, Singapore and follows Kinderland’s 40 years’ experience in the Southeast Asian region to develop young minds.
Cambridge Curriculum and International Teaching Methodology are applied in the Primary and Secondary year education, with emphasis on the social learning at different scales while ensuring various skill sets for life.
The school is associated with British Council and offers CIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) for the students of O and A levels.


From Kinderland to Secondary, the SSK Curriculum combines concept teaching and concept investigation through didactic experiences & using hands-on-activities...

Parents Involvement

Parents are the child's first teachers and are our valuable partners in education. We welcome parents to participate in our activities ..

Why us?

Total students development is ensured with the support of different distinctive classrooms learning areas in the curriculum. The integration of themes is ...


We employed only the best of the best


Inspired, confident and ready.


SSK provides a comprehensive
curriculum where students have
greater access and more opportunities


This age group is playing their way
to greater independence, socio-
emotional growth and self.


Children in this classroom are working
on forging social skills through collaboration

Two Campuses in Gulshan

One of the secured and calm
environment to greater independence,
socio-emotional growth and self.


Self motivated, experienced and
dynamic teachers with excellent
track record.


Children in this classroom are working
on forging social skills through collaboration