Message from Director Operations (P&S)

Welcome to Singapore School Kinderland,

Singapore School Kinderland: Your Child Deserves a Winning Education

I hope you find our Website helpful. At Singapore School Kinderland, we not only believe, ‘Your Child Deserves a Winning Education’ – we
truly provide a winning education and we also treat each child as a unique individual.

The school has a wonderful team of teachers working collaboratively towards the benefit of the students by providing a positive learning environment. The students are provided activity based lessons where they are able to relate the concepts with practical experiences, thus learning becomes enjoyable and concrete.

In addition to the excellent academic program, our curriculum includes various Extra Curricular Activities
since we believe each child must find their passion in life.
Here, getting private tuition is strongly discouraged as we strongly focus on making each child
independent. If a student is unable to complete the home assignments independently, the teachers
must be informed immediately to take care of the matter.
We believe Parent involvement plays a vital role in the development of a child. The valuable suggestions
are welcome from each parent and we encourage parents to have open discussions with the teachers
and work together in order to achieve the goals by helping the child progress in every aspect.
I must admit, the Covid-19 breakout since the year 2020 has helped us strengthen our beliefs by the day.
The tremendous patience and cooperation of the parents are highly appreciated. The dedication, hard
work and most of all, the efficiency of the teachers have been proven through our online classes as the
students have become more confident, efficient and independent in their performances. And all of
these would not have been possible without the joint collaboration of the parents and the teachers. Our
students are truly blessed to be able to grow up in such a wonderful community.
We are hoping to have a smooth transition from online to real-time classes once the situation is under
control as we have taken a strong COVID-Safety Measures plan which has already been discussed with
our parents.
Looking forward to better days ahead.
Until then, stay healthy. Stay safe.
Best regards,
Kanta Saadat
Director Operations
Head of Primary and Secondary