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Kinderland Singapore

Kinderland  Educare Services is a member of  Crestar Education Group,a leading provider of quality infant care, bilingual kindergarten, and preschool education for children 2 months to 6 years of age.

Kinderland’s curriculum integrates the best education approaches and methodologies from the West and the values of morality and inter-personal relationships of the East.

This is achieved through a team of in-house expertise in curriculum research and development, continuous teachers’ training, and strong affiliations with renowned preschools and institutions of higher learning in different countries.

The music-infused curriculum enhances language literacy in young children. Use of keyboard, percussion instruments, solfege singing and rhythm training provide crucial support for brain development in the child’s early years. This proven approach also enhances children’s confidence.

With over40 years as an Early Childhood provider, Kinderland’ssuccess in nurturing confident children has led to an extensive regional preschool network of over 60 centers–present in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Kinderland Bangladesh

At Kinderland Bangladesh we follow a researched-based curriculum provided by Singapore Kinderland, a leading Preschool education provider, who has been providing the highest quality education and care for young children across the  South East Asia region for the last 40 plus years.

The curriculum follows a well-balanced, comprehensive, and stimulating preschool experience to develop your child’s potential and ensure success in school.

Our theme-based integrated program is a holistic and interdisciplinary approach that promotes the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and creative development of the child through incorporating language, mathematics, science, music and movement, and art and craft concepts and skills in age-appropriate and meaningful themes.

Through all of these, your child will develop a holistic and in-depth understanding of the world around us.

The Kinderland Network

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