Virtual Learning Ay Kinderland Dhaka

Singapore School Kinderland has initiated its Virtual Learning journey with a collaboration of Students and Teachers from Preschool, Primary and Secondary.
The pandemic has challenged us to change the way we live, work, and the way we continue to educate our children.
All teaching professionals continue to navigate this new path and overcome the various obstacles faced in a virtual platform of education.
At the heart of it all, it is critical that despite these unforeseen circumstances, we allow our children to flourish and grow in a safe environment. And so far, the children have demonstrated remarkable flexibility and adaptability with the shift to virtual school at the end of last academic year and we are ever so proud of them.
The Kinderland Team has been hard at work to make the online class success with teachers gathering resources and sketching out lesson plans. We continued to have classes five days a week as usual. From Sunday to Tuesday, large group classes whilst on Wednesday and Thursday, it is more focused learning with a small group method of teaching. In the large group, teachers deliver didactic lessons and encourage children to be engaged and interactive. In the small groups, more focus was placed on the individual student to explore whether the concept of the topic taught was fully grasped by each student. We are utilizing Google Classroom through Zoom.
We are pleased to see the students interacting and participating with great zest and enthusiasm during their lessons. We are pleased to see parents’ support and active participation in the day-to-day activities. We understand it has been difficult for our dear parents, but we need your help more than ever to deliver education to our students right to your home.
In order to allow the virtual school to be successful, we require your assistance and we have listed it below for ease:
  • Please download your child’s Online Class Schedule and keep it at hand.
  • Please ensure that your child is wearing a school uniform for every school day and ready for the classes half an hour early.
  • Please ensure that your child joins the class at least 2-3 minutes early and waits for their class teacher to admit them.
  • Please ensure that his/her appearance is clearly visible on the monitor.
  • Please do not be visible on the screen or try to communicate with the teacher during a class since it is only for student-teacher interaction.
  • Please ensure that your child’s laptop or other devices are fully charged/connected to an adapter and that it’s working properly.
  • Please ensure you go through the notices given and check Class Tune & Google Classroom every day for daily updates of homework and class assignments.
  • Please encourage your child to complete the assigned homework and use the link given to help with the work.
  • Please do not call the teacher whilst online classes is going on but if you find any difficulty, you can always contact phone number 09612345775/ 01720205070.
  • Please be around whilst your child’s online class is going on.

Our Virtual Learning Platform