How do Preschoolers learn Coding?

How do Preschoolers learn Coding? 🧑‍💻

In the most fun way possible for children of course! With toys! 🧸

While every child plays with toys, coding may change the way in which children play.

Using programmable toys like ‘BeeBot’, a robot toy that has four directional arrows on its back with a ‘Go’ button. It is then placed on a mat with 25 numbered squares and children think ahead planning all the moves to get the toy to the destination they want it to go. In this case, they had fun transporting BeeBot to various travel stops in Singapore! 🐝♟🎮

Early childhood serves as a good opportunity for children to learn coding skills that teach them problem-solving, logical thinking, and teamwork and prepares them for their future, through play.

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